The King/Hancock Orthopaedic Journal
As a peer-reviewed journal, we strive to share the latest research and findings from the orthopedic surgery residents at Wellstar Atlanta Medical Center and other healthcare providers.

Discovery Drives Us

As physicians, we continually seek out new treatments, advances and approaches to help people live free of pain—and move a little easier through their daily day.

The King/Hancock Orthopaedic Journal offers up a place to dare to ask questions, find innovative answers and share your discoveries and passions with others. Together, we can drive the orthopedic field forward.
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The King/Hancock Orthopaedic Journal is an annual publication compiling the research efforts and presentations of the orthopedic surgery residents, faculty and specialists at Wellstar Atlanta Medical Center. The journal is peer-reviewed and presents the ongoing work of orthopedic specialists for educational purposes and open communication with the orthopedic community.

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Named for two leaders who laid the cornerstone of the orthopedic surgery residency at Georgia Baptist Medical Center (now Wellstar Atlanta Medical Center), the King/Hancock Journal has published noteworthy findings from faculty, residents and other orthopedic specialists since 1996.

Richard E. King, MD, was the original chairman of the residency program and served in that capacity until 1994. He was a prominent member of the orthopedic community, contributing as a co-editor for Fractures in Children.

Charles I. Hancock, MD, was one of the first residents of the hospital’s program. He served as a member of the faculty and staff for many years and retired as Vice President of Medical Affairs from the Georgia Baptist Medical Center.

Both Drs. King and Hancock became distinguished members of the orthopedic surgery residency program, and it is for them the residents originally named their research publication.

Science and research drive care forward each and every day, benefiting patients, families, providers and communities. Publishing your research allows clinicians and scientists around the world to discover your work, build on your ideas and connect with you. Additionally:

  • As an open-source journal for PubMed, ISSN and Web of Science, others can easily search and access your work.
  • Our journal is peer-reviewed, which ensures your peers can access your research.
  • Published research covers the latest innovations in orthopedic surgery.
The King/Hancock Orthopaedic Journal is a non-copyrighted annual presentation of the research efforts of orthopedic specialists world-wide and the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery at Wellstar Atlanta Medical Center in Atlanta, Georgia.

Our editors welcome the submission of manuscripts pertaining to orthopedic surgery.

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