Family Medicine Residency Update

Wellstar Atlanta Medical Center has moved inpatient rotations to Wellstar Douglas Medical Center. We are the only residency program in this hospital, and are an unopposed program. The ACGME has approved this move so we will be able to proceed with the excellent education we have always provided our residents.

Wellstar Douglas has welcomed us with open arms and is building a brand new clinic for us. We hope to move into that clinic in the summer of 2023. The clinic will be in close proximity to the hospital which will be much better than the 20-minute drive we have to our clinic now. While the transition is sure to be bumpy, this will take our strong program to the next level. We are very excited about this move.

Family Medicine
The Residency Program in Family Medicine welcomes dedicated medical school graduates committed to serving families and communities. Residents enjoy the respect of caring faculty members and daily opportunities for mentoring and collaboration. The focus is on learning by doing with the opportunity to treat patients with an extraordinary diversity of conditions.
Team-based approach, hands-on learning
Experience excitement, challenge and personal growth as you learn to practice medicine in a vibrant community setting without the feeling of being lost in a huge academic program. The Wellstar Family Medicine residency program is built on the belief that the best healthcare is a partnership between patient and provider.
Learn by Doing
Research shows that adults learn best by doing, and that's just what this program is all about. Residents treat a large number of patients with diverse and challenging conditions.
Coordinated Care
Residents hone their skills by working in a team-based environment. Collaboration is strong among physicians, pharmacists and other care providers. The result of this collaboration is enhanced perspective and learning for residents.
Family Medicine Center
This comprehensive clinic includes 22 examination rooms; 2 treatment rooms equipped with casting, splint, minor surgery supplies and other resources; a family counseling room and a conference room for lectures and meetings.
Clerkship (Medical Student Rotators)

Wellstar offers qualified third and fourth year medical students the opportunity to pursue a core or elective clerkship in Family Medicine. The focus is on hands-on training in an exciting urban healthcare environment with diverse and often complex patient conditions.

The clerkship program is affiliated with the Medical College of Georgia at Augusta University, Mercer University School of Medicine, Morehouse School of Medicine, Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine and Ross University School of Medicine. Students apply through their home medical school and are required to submit an application through the Alliance for Clinical Experience Matching and Placement Program (ACEMAPP). We also accept applications through the Visiting Student Application Service (VSAS) for the fourth-year rotations.

Clerkship participants work out of the main Wellstar Douglas Medical Center Campus. Students provide their own housing during the clerkship, often staying with friends or relatives in the Atlanta area or in nearby housing. Participants give the program high marks and benefit greatly from the opportunity to apply classroom knowledge to “real world” healthcare.

Requirements include:

  • A letter of good standing from your home medical school
  • Basic Life Support certification
  • Advanced Life Support certification
  • Copy of your transcript

Wellstar Douglas Medical Center welcomes interested medical students to learn more and apply for a rotation. For more information please contact Samantha Dance by email at [email protected] or via phone at (404) 265-4158.

Leadership & House Staff
How to Apply

Our interview schedule begins in late October and continues through January. Please note that interviews are by invitation and will be scheduled on Fridays during the time period listed. We welcome your interest in Wellstar’s Residency Program in Family Medicine!

Questions? Contact Program Coordinator LaKeisha Borum.

Wellstar Douglas Residents

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