Palliative Medicine Fellowship
Developing the Next Generation of Specialists
Some physicians feel a special calling to provide comfort and relief to patients struggling with serious, chronic illness. That’s why we developed a one-year fellowship program to support providers driven to improve the quality of life for our sickest patients, and this growing and evolving field of medicine.
About Our Program
As a Wellstar Kennestone palliative medicine and hospice fellow, you’ll develop the skills, training and support to deliver evidence-based and compassionate care to individuals in your practice.

Our one-year fellowship offers you the opportunity to learn from a wide variety of patients and environments, working alongside faculty members who will support you in research and other scholarly activities designed to prepare you for a successful and fulfilling practice.
Why Choose Wellstar Kennestone Hospital?
Here, you’ll be part of a team of providers and specialists just as committed as you to guiding patients and families through a challenging time. As a palliative medicine fellow, you will work with a multidisciplinary team of social workers, chaplains, therapists, and nurses, each enthusiastic about sharing their skills, insight, and experience to shape your practice.
While strong communication skills are important for any physician, they are especially critical for palliative care providers. In your practice, you’ll work with patients of all ages, their families and many different providers working to deliver the best care possible. That’s why communication is a cornerstone of your fellowship training.

You’ll attend Pallitalk, a communications course designed just for palliative medicine fellows. You’ll also benefit from small group training, mentorship and feedback from our talented faculty.
Your patients’ needs will change greatly based on wherever they are in their journey. At Wellstar Kennestone, you’ll have the ability to experience those changes—and adapt the care and support you provide.

As a palliative care fellow, you’ll provide care in our inpatient units, outpatient hospice and even through community palliative care programs.
Palliative care can be a challenging field—emotionally and mentally. But we’re dedicated to supporting you at every step of your journey, here and after you leave our program. During your fellowship year, you’ll learn important self-care skills to help you recharge, refocus and recenter yourself. After all, you provide the best care to others when you’re taking just as good care of yourself.
Our graduates have moved on from our program to fulfilling and exciting careers in the community. They’ve joined established hospital systems, helped grow palliative care practices and led teams based on their knowledge and understanding. Recent graduates include:
  • Renee Breen, MD – Northside Hospital, Palliative Medicine
  • Gail Knight, MD – Wellstar, West Georgia Hospice, Medical Director
  • Catherine Trippe, MD – Wellstar, Palliative Medicine
Leadership & House Staff
Get Started on Your Journey. Apply Today.
We ask that all interested individuals register to participate in the National Residency Match Program (NRMP); no program positions will be offered outside of the NRMP.

Once registered, you can submit your application through the Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS).

Applications are due by December 1st.